Comparism is a ‘money transfer’ comparison site that covers anything and everything you need to know about sending money to India to help you make an informed decision.

The aim of Comparism.com is to review the money transfer companies out there, compare them to sieve the best ones so that you will be able to find the best money transfer company for sending money to India.

It will also bust the myths and ‘trust issues’ around alternative methods of sending money to India. We shall show you how ditching your banks will save you a pile of money over time.

Did you know? On average, you get over-charged around 5% more in hidden fees every time you transfer money…

At Comparism, we will explore some new and unique ways of sending money back home.

Only legitimate ones, proven-to-work!

Compared to banks, I came across cheap, easy and most importantly transparent ways of sending money which I liked so much that I never went back to sending money with remittance services provided by banks.

At comparism, I will share all those secrets with you!

I will show you it is a lot cheaper, a lot better to transfer money using many service providers in the market (money transfer services) than doing a regular transfer using your bank.

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