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Free first transfer and a SPECIAL FX rate at Remitly today.
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Remitly Promo Code

Use this Remitly promo code (verified for 2024) to get your first transfer for free and a special promotional FX rate!

Remitly is another cheap way of making international money transfers. You get a locked-in exchange rate and they offer 2 tiers – Economy and Express.

With Economy, you make a payment to Remitly locally using your bank account, and the money is delivered to the recipient overseas within a few hours.

With Express, the money gets delivered instantly to many banks and you need to pay with your Debit card.

As a new customer, Remitly offers you a special rate and your first transfer FREE with no limit on the amount you transfer.

As you can see in the screenshot from the Remitly website below, with Express transfers, normally the rate is a bit on the lower side for instant delivery.

With this Remitly new customer offer, you don’t pay anything additional for Express delivery TODAY. Express Remitly delivery is FREE and you get a special exchange rate! Visit Remitly Now!

Just to give you an idea of how the special FX rate promotion works:

At the last update of this deal, the standard (Economy) GBP-INR rate using Express transfer is INR 102.80 but this Comparism link gets you a better exchange rate of ₹103.22.

How to use Remitly Promo Code?

Step #1. To use the promo code for Remitly, simply go to this link and create a profile. You will also see the special Remitly rate for you TODAY on the page.

(the special link already includes the coupon code for Remitly, with the fee-free first transfer)

Remitly Promo Code New Customer Offer
Remitly Sign up page

Step #2. This offer will wipe off the £1.99 transfer fee and give you the promotional rate as a new customer.

That’s it. You can then follow the step-by-step instructions to provide the recipient details and make payment for your transfer.

This is the Remitly new user offer for 2024 using which you get £10 discount and a special rate along with the first free transfer. If you are an existing Remitly user and looking for alternatives, check out other amazing money transfer deals.

If this Remitly promo code helped you save on your money transfer, do share it with your friends and family members.

Once you sign up, you can earn extra with Remitly by inviting others using your unique referral link. Sign up now to get your unique referral code.


  • This special promotional FX rate applies to the first £1000 of the transfer.