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TransferWise is one of the cheapest and the best ways of transferring money between UK and India (and a plenty of other currencies). It allows you to quickly and easily move money from one country to the other and is aptly tagged as ‘Skype’ for your money transfers.

No wonder, it is from the people who created Skype and is backed by Sir Richard Branson.

How to Redeem TransferWise Free Transfer Coupon Code for 2018?

It’s easy and won’t take more than a couple of minutes!

You need to click your mouse once to head over to TransferWise.

That’s about it!

It is very simple to redeem your first free transfer coupon code for TransferWise. Just click on ‘Get this deal’ button on the right which will automatically activate the magic coupon for your first remittance using TW.

TransferWise Free Transfer Promo Code link

The coupon code will automatically be applied ONLY if you are not an existing TransferWise customer. Don’t be disappointed, though!

You can use the TransferWise free transfer link with a new email address and sign up for a new account. But remember, TransferWise system is smart to identify you if you have already used a bank account or debit card to make payment for your first free transfer.

In that case, you could use your partner’s account to sign up and get the free first transfer as a signup bonus. You can do that by referring your husband or wife and sign up using your link – this way you also get the referral bonus and your partner gets the first transaction free. 😉

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My Experience with TransferWise: Review

I have been using TransferWise for over 3 years now when I stopped making money remittance with my bank and never regretted making the switch.

It’s been an amazing experience so far – TransferWise is one of the best when you compare the overall money received by your recipient in India (including fees charged).

But I will be honest with you.

As I have mentioned earlier (many times), before initiating any remittance to India, I do some shopping around once to see if I am still getting the best deal with TransferWise.

TransferWise ends up my way of sending money to India more than often!

Plus, along with a great swift service, you get a TransferWise Free Transfer Credit for making your first transfer free.

Using my referral link will get you your first transfer completely free (up to £500).

Even if you do not plan to use TransferWise in the long term yet, I strongly recommend you to avail the TransferWise promotional offer for first transfer free, you will save quite a lot of money and you also get to use a new trustworthy service for sending funds to India.

Don’t take my word for it – do your calculations and decide!

Simply go to the money transfer service you use (we need to talk if you use a bank!) and check how much money will actually be deposited to your recipient account in India.

Then go to TransferWise and see how much money will be transferred (they show you up-front how much money will be sent and it is correct to the decimals – not a paisa here or there). You need to send them money in your local currency in 24 hours – GB Pounds in the UK – and the rate you are shown is guaranteed!

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