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Welcome to – a place to compare the best way to send money to India from the UK!

You can compare money transfer services to India and find the best way of sending money to India at amazing rates.

Compare. Send money to India. Say no to hidden fees.

compare best ways of sending money to india
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If you would like to know more about this site and myself, check out the about page.

Why should you care?

Since time immemorial, banks have been the default method of sending money to India. Not many people know of any alternate methods.

Through Comparism, my goal is to spread more awareness around how these new, technologically (and logically!) advanced methods of remitting money to India work.

I will also write about some tips you can follow to get the best exchange rate on remittance to India.

I have done this for a few friends and colleagues so far… but offline!

With Comparism, I am documenting this online and there is a lot that I have planned to cover on this blog.

Why do I care?

By sheer serendipity, I came across these new ways of sending money to India.

The switch for me happened as a coincidence. That coincidence saved me lots of money that YOU can also save!

There was no such site that explained clearly about the process and the advantages of switching to other money transfer services.

If I knew earlier, I would have made the move much earlier.


I made the switch. And, I am really happy it turned out that way.

I don’t want this to be a mere coincidence for you. Join me on this journey and let me show you different ways of saving loads of money on your India money transfer.

If you have any queries around how NOT sending money through banks can save you loads of money over time, drop me a line. I will be happy to clear all your doubts.

I have written a details guide about how to send money to India using alternatives – check out my free complete guide.

Your support

You can support my initiative of saving hefty charges on money transfer fees. But how…?

Banks are huge and already make a lot of money off of you. You can stop paying them more from your hard-earned income! So can the people around you!

If you save some money, why not share my tips with your friends, colleagues and family members?

Like any piece of well-researched content here? Do you feel it could help a friend save some money?

Share it.

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Do you need to pay to use Comparism?

Simple answer, no.

What’s the catch?

None, really.

When I mention any money transfer service for sending money to India, I may receive a commission from companies that I link out to from my guides.

As a result, I get paid only if you successfully register and complete a money transfer with them. This does not mean any additional cost for you at all. In fact, my links will often get you the best deal with these money transfer companies.

This helps me pay for web hosting, newsletter service and other operating costs. And I can keep Comparism completely free for you to use.

Through my links, you will get exclusive offers like free money transfers (£0 fee), gift cards or preferential exchange rates.

I hope this initiative to compare and find the best way of sending money to India will save you a lot of money over time.

Comparism is still in the starting phase. If you have any suggestions or advice, feel free to drop a line below or use the contact form!


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