How to Apply for Indian Passport Re-issue in the UK – Step-by-Step Guide 2018


Indian passport re-issue UKAre you an NRI in the UK and your Indian passport recently expired (expiry date within last one year) or is due to expire within a year?

In this guide, I am going to show you the detailed steps on how to apply for Indian passport re-issue in the UK.

The process outlined here includes the exact steps we followed to submit the application for re-issuing my wife’s Indian passport that was due to expire in a month’s time.

This is a detailed guide to walk you through the process we followed step-by-step so you can follow along and get a new passport booklet issued if your’s is expiring soon.

If your passport has already expired, there is a slight difference in the documents required for renewal which I will cover below – read on.

Indian Passport renewal vs re-issue

Before we get started, let’s get the terminologies right!

Remember, when your passport expires, the most logical term that comes to mind to get a valid passport is to get it renewed.

Chances are; the google search that brought you here was “Indian passport renewal” and not “Indian passport re-issue.”

Technically, the term that applies when your passport has expired or is due to expire is “Re-issue.”

Well, if you already knew the difference and came here looking for the correct term – high five! 👋

So what is the difference – I will cover it very briefly here.

It’s termed as a re-issue when your passport is due to expire or has already expired after it’s 10-year validity period and you need a new Indian passport booklet issued.

If you had a passport with a validity of fewer than ten years, and you need to now extend its validity to up to 10 years, that is termed as a renewal.

In case of a renewal, the passport booklet remains the same with an added entry to extend its validity.

Now that you have a basic idea of India passport renewal vs re-issue, let’s jump right in.

Indian Passport Re-issue in the UK – Complete Guide

Applications for Indian passport re-issue in the UK need to be submitted in person (or by an immediate family member) at one of the Indian Visa & Consular Application Centres.

Fill Online Registration Form for Indian Passport Renewal

Starting 02 Jan 2018, handwritten application forms will no longer be accepted.

All applications for renewal of Indian passport must be accompanied with the print out of the online-filled application form.

Here’s how you get it.

Step #1. Go to this link and click on Online Registration Form button.

This will take you to Online NRI Passport Application Registration Form.

Apply Indian passport renewal in UK online

Step #2. Select the Indian Mission that’s nearest to you and Service Desired as “Re-issue of Passport.”

Fill in the rest of the form giving the applicant’s Surname and Given Name.

You also need to mention if you have ever changed your name. If you have, select the check-box and mention your previous name in the given field.

Save the Temporary Application ID shown on this screen. You will be able to come back to your partially filled application using this ID so this is very important to save it somewhere.

Once done, click “Save & Continue”

Apply Indian passport renewal in UK - Online Registration Form

Step #3. Fill in Applicant information and Address Details that you want to be printed on the new re-issued passport.

Address to be printed on passport has to be your current permanent address where you stay in the UK. This is the one that will be printed on your renewed passport.

Click “Save & Continue” to move to the next section where you need to add other Address Details and Family Information.

Apply Indian passport renewal in UK Online - Applicant Information

Step #4. In this step, you need to provide details for other Address – this has to be your current address in India (I entered my parents’ address in India).

In the next step, enter the Applicant’s Family Information. The details that need to be filled are pretty straightforward.

Apply Indian passport renewal in UK Online - Address Details and Family Information

Step #5. Enter your old Passport Details.

You can find all of these details on your old most recent Indian passport.

File No. can be found on the last page of the passport. Click “Save & Continue.”

This is the last step of the application and this is where you will get a prompt to click OK if you are ready to Finalise the application for submission.

Apply Indian passport renewal in UK Online - Passport Details

Step #6. Click OK on the prompt to finalise application.

This is where I would have expected for a review application step to be shown when I would be given a chance to review the details I entered.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and when I went to use the Temporary application ID I was given when I got an error saying “Temporary Application Id does not exist please ReEnter and Try Again.”

This is when I realised that the prompt was indeed the last step to the submission.

If you enter any wrong data and submit the final application at this step, you will need to register again with the correct details and start with Step 1 again.

Step #7. Check your email and you should get an email confirming your application has been submitted.

“NRI Online Passport Registration WEB FILE No: GBRLPxxxxxxx Registered”

Step #8. Copy the Web File No. starting with GBRLP.

Go to this link and enter the Web File Number to print the Online Application Form for re-issue of Indian passport online in the UK.

Luckily for me, all the details were fine and I had no changes to make.

If you make a mistake and need to make amendments, the only way of doing it is to fill in a new application form.

So be careful while filling in the application in the first attempt itself to save time.

Book VFS appointment for renewing expired Indian Passport in the UK

The process to book appointment for renewal of Indian passport at VFS centre in the UK is similar to the one I mentioned on Indian passport surrender guide.

Head over to the book an appointment section (opens in a new tab) and follow the step-by-step instructions.

In services, select “Indian Passport.”

Indian Passport re-issue - Schedule an appointment

Once you have scheduled the appointment, come back here to proceed further.

Documents required for Indian passport renewal in the UK

Here is the list of documents that you need to submit to the VFS appointment centre.

  • Printed and signed application form – that you filled above
  • Declaration form – download here
  • Annexure E – download here
  • Appointment Confirmation Printout
  • Four recent 50mm x 50mm size photographs.
  • Original Indian Passport
  • Self-attested copies of passport – bio (photo) page and last (address) page
  • Residence permit
  • Two A4 sized self-addressed return envelope (Royal Mail Special Delivery) for the return of original documents and new and cancelled passports.

All originals above need to be accompanied by a self-attested copy each.

Additional Documents:

Marriage Certificate and Spouse’s passport: If you want applicant’s spouse’s name endorsed on the re-issued passport, include self-attested photocopies of the marriage certificate and Passport of the applicant’s spouse along with the original Passport & marriage certificate.

Utility bill, recent bank statement, or property papers in the UK: if you want your UK address to be added to the new passport. For UK address to be included, your residency status in the UK has to be permanent (ILR). If not, you can only change to a new Indian address or leave it as is.

Authorisation Letter: If the applicant is unable to visit VFS in person to submit the passport renewal application, a close family member can do it with an authorisation letter along with their original passport or photo ID card and a document showing the relationship.

Indian Passport Re-issue Fees in the UK

The total application fees for renewing Indian passport in the UK up to one year before/after expiry is £67.88.

Here’s the split.

Fees for ordinary (36-page) passport – £57.00

VFS Service charge – £7.44

Consular Surcharge – £2.00

SMS/Text messaging Service – £1.44

You can opt to pay by Cash, Debit Card or Demand Draft/Postal Order payable to ‘VF SERVICES UK LTD.’ Fees paid by Credit Card will incur a surcharge of 1.98% on top of the total fees payable.

If you want to apply for Tatkal service, you will have to pay an additional £110.

How long does it take to renew Indian passport in the UK?

As per the guidelines on VFS website, the renewed passport will be delivered to you within 10-15 working days by Royal Mail Special Delivery or DX Courier (depending on what you opted at the time of submitting the application).

In our case, the original documents were returned 3 working days of submitting the application at VFS.

The new re-issued Indian passport booklet along with the cancelled old Indian passport came back after 8 working days.

If you want your passport to be re-issued in an emergency situation, VFS advises going to HCI for a same-day service.

How to get your originals back?

All Originals will be returned to you within 10 working days by Royal Mail Special Delivery if you provided during submitting the application. If not, you can also choose to use the DX courier service offered by VFS

Re-issue Indian Passport in the UK – Summary

There you have it!

I hope this step-by-step guide helps you in getting your expired/expiring Indian Passport re-issued in the UK.

The process I have penned down here is the process we followed to submit the application for my wife’s Indian passport renewed in Feb 2018. The purpose of this guide is to help you through the process and in no way construes legal advice on whether you will get your passport using the same documents we did.

If you do find this guide on how to apply for re-issue of Indian passport in the UK useful and it helped you in any way, please do me a huge favour and share my posts with your friends, family members and colleagues at work.

A quick behind the scene update and plan for upcoming posts:

I surrendered my Indian passport a few months ago (I published the detailed guide on Comparism which the expat Indians in the UK found really useful – check it here).

I visited India over the Christman/New Year break and had no time to apply for my OCI application; I got an eVisa for India instead which took less than 24 hours for approval. I am in the process of finishing the detailed guide for Indian eVisa and will publish once ready.

Next step is to apply for OCI card which also, I will publish here once I have the guide ready.

Update: The step-by-step guide for OCI has been published now and ready to use at

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the authorAman
Aman is the founder and chief curator of Comparism. He loves to write how-to guides and via comparism, he envisions to bring to you the best ways of sending money to India without paying hefty fees in hidden charges and poor conversion rates.


  • Hi ,

    Currently I am staying in UK,I want to reissue my Indian passport.I have filled the details and schedule an appointment on VFS.I have applied Talkal service.But they didn’t ask me for any payment.When I need to make the payment and guide me how much I need to pay for the talkal service.

    • Hi Twinkle,

      I am not sure of the payment process for tatkal service. Can you try giving the VFS helpline a call and update here, please so I can update the details on the post?


  • Hello Aman,
    Thank you for the post! I am trying to start the process to reissue a passport, as my old one’s about to expire.
    I’ve trying to follow the guidelines in this post, however I’ve experienced some difficulty on the first step itself.
    When I go to fill the online NRI application form in the first step, and select the Indian mission as”UK London”, the page automatically redirects to this: “”, and I have to fill in application form from here. OK. I’ve done that and now i’m on the VFS website trying to book an appointment, where it’s asking me for the web file number(the one starting with GBRLP…), the thing is I haven’t got one. I downloaded my filled out application form, and it does not mention a web file number, nor have I gotten any email as you wrote in the instructions above. I am stuck in a deadlock here as neither the ‘Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates’ website nor the VFS website provide any help regarding the new application process.
    Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Padmanabh,

      I can understand your frustration.

      When I try the link that I have provided on this post and it takes me to and doesn’t redirect. Can you please try that again?

      Regarding your query about appointment booking, simply enter your Indian passport number in “OCI Registration Number” field. Please let me know if you have any further queries.


  • HI Aman,

    Thank you for the comprehensive detail on the process for re-issue. I have a question with regards to the Royal mail Special Delivery Envelopes. Do we have to prepay a certain amount towards each of the envelopes before submitting to the VFS? If so how much? The lady at the postoffice said she can tell me an amount only after weighing the contents

    Much appreciate your help

    • Hello Anisha,

      What I got is A4 sized pre-paid Special Delivery envelopes (silver ones) priced at £7.30 (that’s the price for any deliveries up to 500 gms which is more than enough for the return of your documents and new passport). You can also get away with getting a £6.50 one which can hold 100 gms of weight.

      I hope this info helps 🙂

      It’ll be really helpful if any of the readers subscribed to comments via email can spare a few minutes to update here which one they got? 😉


  • Hi ,
    I need to take an appointment for my daughter 6year old for passport renewal.
    But when i am trying to enter the value 1 in the children application while taking appointment , it is not allowing me to submit. Can you pls suggest

  • I try to fill the form for reissue of my passport I am confused about photo we want to download photo to online form

  • Hello Aman, I’m a student in Belfast . Followed your steps to the letter and got my passport renewed for the next 10 years, thanks so much! Will share this article as and when the need arises.

    PS. I previously had my surname blank (it was with my first name because the previous consultant made an error years ago), but there’s a new UK rule which states that the surname can’t be left blank so I got the error corrected after all these years without any extra paperwork, court order etc. A handy tips to your future readers.

    • That’s great, Tej and I really appreciate if you do share it 😉

      Regarding your blank surname on the Indian passport, you did the right thing! Thanks for sharing it here 🙂

      The UK rule is, if you have a blank surname on your native passport, they will mention your First name as the Surname on the UK passport and the First name will be XXX. As you have resolved this in the Indian passport itself, you are better off.

      In case anyone didn’t change on their Indian passport and now have XXX on their British Passport, I have addressed this query on one of the comments on my OCI guide.

  • Hi Aman, very good post. Wish the vfs website was as clear and straightforward as your post! However, I got a question for you. I’m still on my Tier 2 visa and I have no home in India. I stay at a hotel if I visit India now. So what do I put in the address field? The address that’s currently in my passport, we have vacated it about 2 years ago. If I leave the same address, will they verify before granting me the new passport?

    • Hi Anish,

      Is there an option to provide the details for your parents or siblings, maybe?

      If not, you can leave it as the same address – I don’t think they verify the address if you plan to leave it the same as the last passport.

      I hope this helps. If you need further confirmation on this, you could call the VFS helpline for Passport services.


      • Thanks for your reply Aman. I’ve got literally no family in India now, so will just re-use the same address.

        Also, I just filled my application form and downloaded the pdf. There are a lot of other questions in the pdf like when I first left India, Emigration status, other nationalities, etc. Do I hand fill these questions on the printed form? Sorry, if this might look like a silly question, but better silly and safe than sorry! 🙂

  • Good Evening,

    Thanks for replying me back, yes today i got an appointment for the 19th sept at London goswell..just to check with iam going for the TATKAL SERVICE as i have very less time for renewing the indian passport the fee for the tatkal service is showing on VFS website is £110 is it including everything or £110 + other charges and incase if i got my passport done with tatkal service rather then going for the postal service ,is there any option to go and personally collect the passport from VFS london goswell office.

    Once again thanks for creating this website as its really helping us to prepare for the passport renewal process.
    Many thanks,

    • Hello Rahul,

      The tatkal fee of £110 is in addition to the ordinary/jumbo passport fees. The only way to apply for renewal now is via VFS and they would handle the delivery of renewed passport to you by courier only – in-person pick-up is not an option.


  • Hi,
    Myself is rahul and i wanted to ask you that i did made an appointment on 4th sep for the indian passport renewal in Manchester but i lived in London but as the dates in London goswell road and hounslow was too far..i choose Manchester to put my passport renewal(was a big mistake) but when i gone on 4th they said i cant submit my documents for the indian passport renewal then i gone back to the website and try to schedule my appointment but now i am getting an error message as INVALID ATTEMPT…i really dont know what to do now???PLZ HELP ME

    • Hi Rahul,

      Sorry to know about your experience, mate!

      Yes, you can only book within your jurisdiction for any appointments with VFS.

      A similar thing happened with us for my wife’s appointment (within the jurisdiction, however – we wanted to change from Hounslow as the date was too far compared to Goswel which opened up a slot later, due to a cancellation maybe).

      But once the date is in the past it locks your slot for any changes to an appointment that’s already gone. I had to call the VFS helpline and was told to wait a few days (It was 72 hours if I remember correctly).

      So, I would suggest you to please wait and try again.

      Please do drop a note here if this info helps you.


  • Hi Aman, I am appplying to re-issue my password as it’s expiring on 26th Aug, however I have got an appointment for 29th Aug. Do I need to do any apology letter?
    And most importantly I would like to ask and if you could help, I would like to change my name as I am married. I am sure if I have filled my application correctly. I have filled my last name as married name and my maiden name in the previously known name filed. Hope this is correct?
    Also want to change my signature , there 3 places I need to sign on the application form. One on the front page and 2 at the end of the apllication . Where do I fill the new and old signature. I also assuming that I need to add a letter to state that I am changing my signature and last name.
    Your response is highly appreciated. Best regards Anusha

  • I submitted my passport renewal on 9th August at Leeds which was sent to Birmingham HC the same day. Bo news until now. My uk residence finishes on 28 Sep and I must travel to India before then. I am quite panicked. I had hoped Indian consulate to be more efficient. Praying 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • hey aman

    i just received the application in my pdf but i just want to confirm if we have to handwrite the rest of the application?

    • Hi Nafisha,

      Yes, you need to fill in the parts that are applicable to you. The rest, you can simply leave blank or write NA.


  • HI Aman,
    Thanks a lot for this guide. Really useful. I have one doubt however.
    There was a mistake found in my passport (which wasnt caught by me or any of the immigration officers since 2012!) when my company was applying for a temporary Singapore work permit. I am now applying for a new Indian passport and was wondering:
    The UK address can’t be added as I am not yet on the ILR but those are the only proofs I have. (London utility bills etc)
    I don’t have any proofs of residing in my parents house in Assam, India – they moved from Bangalore while I was abroad. Ideally I need to change the address as the Bangalore address is not valid anymore and they are not going to move back. I was wondering what kind of proof will be asked for? Parent’s Aadhar cards?
    When I asked the High Commission in London I just got bog standard – you can make both changes in one application.
    Any help would be really appreciated!
    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Anooja,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Here’s what I would do if I were in your situation.

      Provide your parent’s current address as the one you want to be printed on your new passport (support it with your parent’s docs showing the new Indian address).

      This is the reason behind my suggestion: For my wife’s application, we weren’t aware that the address cannot be updated until you hold ILR, hence the only proofs my wife was carrying were for UK bills. The Indian address on her old PP was from the days she rented a place. In this case, the new Indian address (my parent’s address) was added without any stringent proofs. However, all I can think of is, my old Indian passport had my parent’s address which could have acted as a proof…

      Mention your UK address in “Other address” section.

      I hope this should suffice for your case – any doubts please let me know and also, you could speak to VFS helpline in case they could provide a better solution. Kindly update here if they do 😉


  • Hi Aman.
    My passport will expire next month but I don’t have my original passport my passport in home office .
    My question is they need my original passport or copy of both side ((front and back)) I try contact with them but no one reply
    I really glad if you can give me advice for that

    • Hi Jagroop,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      In case you haven’t already found an answer to your query, you do need to submit the original Indian passport as the old one would be cancelled when a new one is issued to you.


  • Hi Aman,

    Thanks for your post i have managed to apply for passport reissue with out any issue.
    I have visited leicester vfs office and submitted my documents ( They only required 2 copies of the photographs instead of 4 as mentioned in their site.) Is it possible to put the details / steps around the british naturalization process and passport application.

    Appreciate your effort in putting all these details.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Nagesh,

      In the requirements, they do as for 4 so it’s safe to carry according to that 🙂

      Regarding your request, I don’t plan to write about the naturalisation process as I did it a while back and unless I do it first hand, I won’t be able to write about the in-depth details around it now.

      I hope you understand. If that helps, the resources on the website is pretty helpful and to the point.


  • Hi Aman,

    I recently applied for my wife’s passport re-issue. They only took one Royal Mail Special Delivery envelop for returning the passport, so it would be accurate to amend this in your blog post.


    • Hi Sathish,

      Did you provide any original supporting documents with your application?

      One envelope is to return the supporting documents (originals) and the other one is to post the cancelled (old) passport AND the new passport.


  • Hi Aman,

    Thank you for the guide. I’m applying for my mother’s passport, but it expired almost 10 years ago. She’s trying to get a British citizenship, and she needs ID, so we’re trying to get her Indian passport re-issued. Your guide mentions 1 year after expiry, but we tried it anyways, however we didn’t receive an email after completing the application and it’s been 3 days now. Is there another method we should follow? Should we try again?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Akil,

      Your mother’s case would come under “passport expired for more than 1 year”

      Regarding the email confirmation, please check your spam folder?


      • Hi Aman,

        Thanks for the reply.
        We’ve been checking the junk folder everyday, but it’s been a week now and still no response.
        Do you have any advice going forwards?

        Thank you,

        • Hi Akil,

          My apologies for the late reply.

          I won’t be able to help any further on this issue. If your problem is still not resolved, I recommend calling VFS helpline, please. 🙂


  • Hi Aman,

    This page has been really helpful in getting my numerous forms filled up for the re-issue of my Indian passport. Just a quick question here, as I have never used a Pre-paid Special Delivery envelope before, is it easy enough to get it from Post Office? Do you need to update the counter person about recorded/tracking service for these envelopes? Whilst I add my address as the receiver on these envelopes, do I need to add the embassy address as sender? If so, what is the address for the embassy? Sorry for all these questions, just a little confused. Otherwise, all the other points are crystal clear. 🙂

    Best Wishes,

    • Hello Rahul,

      Thanks a lot. I can understand and you don’t have to feel sorry for any questions here 😀

      It’s pretty simple, ask for Special Delivery A4 sized (silver) envelope and pay £7.30 each. That’s about it.

      You only need to fill in the “To” section (your address as the receiver) and leave the “From” part blank – HCI will label it with their address.

      I hope this information helps.


  • Hi Aman,

    You are a star ! Thanks a lot bhai ! Really appreciate the effort taken to write this up. Very helpful and clear .

    Best wishes

  • Excellent guide here, I was totally lost until I came across this.

    My partner has ILR do you know if his causes issues at UK customers? As I’m planning on completing biometric residence card as well but that looks confusing as well.

    The reason I ask is the ILR stamp in her original passport will be missing in the new passport. Does she have to carry both passports?

    • Hi Patel, if you carry your old passport, shouldn’t have any issues. You don’t need to apply for BRP card again on renewing your Indian PP.

  • Excellent information. Everything is very precise. I have one doubt. Is the payment to be made in vfs on the day of appointment? Or is there an option for online payment?

  • Hi Aman, Thanks a lot for this article. My passport will be expiring in August 2018 and I am in the process of renewing (reissue) my Indian Passport. I am on my ILR and I am wondering whether I require Non Acquisition Certificate from Home Office to renew my Indian Passport. Please could you give me a reply regarding this as this will be helpful for others as well. I appreciate your time on my behalf and many thanks again for this wonderful article

    • Hello Joe, thanks for asking this and my apologies for the late reply…

      For your case, you fall into is the same category as my wife did (just that your status is Settlement – ILR) – “Re-issue of Passport on expiry or up to one year before expiry (having a valid Visa)”

      Now, ILR is your valid visa in the UK and all you need to do is provide your BRP card as proof to support your ILR status and follow the exact document set on this post 😉

      I hope this helps.

  • Hi Aman

    Appreciate your time and effort for providing this guide which has saved many from stress. It is helpful and quite detailed. It has assisted me in applying for my husband’s re-issue of passport. I will certainly refer to your site for my OCI application which I am dreading. It is a lot better and understandable compared to the VFS site.


  • Hello Aman Ji,

    Many Thanks for this wonderful article. It’s very useful. I have just booked an appointment for my passport re-issue. Hope everything goes well.

    Honestly, you have done a fantastic job which Indian Government should have done this to help the NRI’s. I really appreciate your good work and please continue.

    All the best! Take care!

    Ambalavanan Sivagurunathan

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Ambalavanan.

      My sincere apologies for replying late to your comment? I believe you would have got your brand new passport by now 😉

  • Hi Aman,

    Thank you for the step by step guide. It made the process very easy for us. Quite helpful!


    • Hi Keerthana,

      Thanks for your comment – I am glad I could be of assistance…

      Please do share the website with your friends 😉


    • Hey Adil,

      Thanks for dropping by. I am glad you found this guide useful.

      Please do subscribe to my free email newsletter to never miss an update from Comparism. I cover some great alternatives to banks to send money to India at great rates 😉


  • Hi Aman,

    Thanks for the very helpful guide. I have just completed filling my application and as you have mentioned in the post i should have received an email, however I have not. Admittedly I have just minutes ago made the application. The query is how long does it usually take for the email to be sent as I assumed it would be automated and sent immediately

  • Hi Aman,

    It’s a very good detailed guide and very useful as when we had gone for my husbands OCI card it was very frustrating as they asked for a letter from his employer detailing his job, salary etc which wasn’t part of the documents list and we had to request them to email it ASAP or it would’ve been a wasted trip to London.

    I had a question, as I need to get my passport renewed but would like to know regarding permanent address in the passport. As I currently don’t have ILR do I need to provide evidence of my current Indian permanent address in my application e.g. utility bills or bank statements for the address currently in my passport, or is that not required as it’s already in the passport?

    Thank you

    • Hello Shania,

      The employee letter is an important document and in my upcoming guide for OCI, I will have the complete list of docs needed 😉

      Re: your query, if you don’t have ILR yet and want to keep the same Indian address in your old passport you don’t need to provide any new proofs.

      It was the same case for my wife (where we didn’t know you had to be ILR to be able to your address to a UK one – VFS didn’t clarify it on the guide!) and the VFS officer didn’t take the UK address proofs and didn’t ask for any new one if we wanted to keep the same address. If you want to change it to a new Indian address, you can provide a proof and mention THIS new Indian address on the application.

  • Hi Aman,

    Thank you for detailed step by step guide on the process. The information that should be provided easily on the VFS or HCIL website was provided by you, it made the process and the day a lot more easier. You might want to add here that if the appointment says 14:45, don’t expect to be seen dot on time even though you have got there on time. 🙂

    Thanks once again.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hey Bas,

      Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂

      Yes, I should add it to the guide that the time followed is Indian Standard Time 😉

  • Hi Aman, thanks for your detailed post and guide on this topic. It has been a challenge otherwise to get clear guidance. In addition to the above, can you help clarify the below please:
    – after completing the online application form, the form that I downloaded has a range of other questions that I did not fill online. For these questions, do we fill these by hand or not do anything?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Very good guide,
    when I print the form , there are sections that are not populated , such as below, do we have to hand-write it? as I don’t think these options came up in the online form 🙁

    7. Particulars of person to be intimated in the event of death or accident:
    Name …………………………………………………………………
    Address ………………………………………………………………

      • Hi Aman, thanks for such a wonderful article. quick question can the person to be initiated in event of death or accident be my husband or UK relatives or it has to be blood relation?

        • Hi Anusha,

          Thanks for your kind words 🙂

          It doesn’t have to be necessarily a blood relation and also doesn’t have to be someone from the UK alone. It can be in India as well.

          Hope this helps!


    • Hi Swigel,

      From what I found, the process is the same however, a parent/guardian can sign wherever required on behalf of the minor.

      In addition, you require the consent of both parents using Annexure – D

      Also, some additional documents are needed – please let me know if you want me to add those to the list as well.


  • Thanks much for the details! Have a couple of questions. 1/ in VFS appointment for re-issue of passport, we select Indian passport, do we need to enter passport number in OCI Registration number here also?

    2/ Do we need to take kids also for their passport re-issue?

    another question during passport application filling. Can I retain the old passport’s Indian address itself? Do they ask for utility bills for that?

  • Hi Aman, thank for the information. Just want to ask you that, if I reside in Leicester, can I apply in London for a speeding process ??

    Please advise



    • Hey Samir,

      I am not entirely sure about this. However, the Passport services applications are no longer directly submitted to the consulate – you can do it via VFS only. And for me, whether you do it in VFS Leicester centre or at one of their London centres, they will post it to the consulate for processing. How I understand it, it wouldn’t make a real difference.

      But, please feel free to call the VFS helpline to confirm. If you do, and if you could spare a few secs, please update here what they say 😉

  • Hello Aman Sir,

    Thank you for the very detailed, methodical and to-the-point guide, appreciate it.

    My 8 year old daughter’s passport is coming to expiry in a few months. I heard from one of my friends that they got this ‘re-issue’ done by post! On that call, I really didn’t pay attn., but now I think I will call him back and find out more details.

    It would be really great if sending by post and not having to go to London works. Oh God! Just thinking of those queues, early morning bus journey and unhelpful and frustrated staff member itself makes me not want to do it in-person.

    Anyway, thanks again.

    • Hi Haneef,

      I am really glad you found this guide helpful!

      The passport services applications (for re-issue and renewal) can only be done in person at the nearest VFS centre. The High Commission of India doesn’t take any direct application now and you don’t need to visit London – queuing up was indeed a hassle.

      The VFS experience is much better compared to the direct submission – book a prior appointment at your nearest centre and you don’t have to line up in any queues 🙂

      I hope this information helps.

      I have given all the step-by-step details on this no-hassle guide.

  • Hi Aman,

    Thanks for this detailed post. I am in the process of getting a new passport as mine expires in April 2019 ( I have also run of out pages in my current passport and travel regularly). Not sure if you could answer this but still thought worth asking – I have a schengen visa in my current passport which expires in October 2018. If I get my passport re-issued would the visa in the old passport be still valid? I have seen a number of Indians with 2-3 passports that are stuck to each other and thought whether visas in old passports are ok to use given they are still valid. Just want to understand so I am prepared to apply for a new schengen in time for travelling. Thanks!

    • Hello AJ,

      Great to know that you are into travelling and have used up all your passport pages – I am working towards it as well 😛

      Your Schengen Visa is still valid until October 2018 – you need to carry your old expired (cancelled) passport along with your new passport booklet and there shouldn’t be a problem.

      This is what my understanding was and I have validated it on a few online forums and this is a shared understanding of this scenario! 🙂

  • I was thinking that I need to renew my passport a few months prior to expiry, but was stumped with the word re-aaue only at the VFS website. Then while browsing found comparism web page.
    Really useful guide and clarifies most of the doubts one may come across, thanks for sharing this Aman.

  • Hi Aman first off thanks for putting in your time to put such a guide in. Now that i have a little more education on re-issue vs renewal could you please provide any pointers for the renewal process.

    Short story
    – I work on an WP UK.
    -Last year my passport got nicked in Paris ( sort of my fault) and i got a passport from the Paris embassy but they only provided with 2 years validity.
    -In the next few months i would be applying for my visa extension and as such need teh passport with a long validity (preferably the full 10 years).

  • It’s a very nice guide. Thanks for all your effort & keep writing. Your work helps so many people. Best Regards, Jay

  • I have followed the steps as stated however when I printed off my completed application two additional pages were also generated!
    Are these two additional pages for a new/first passport application??
    I am making an application to have my expired passport reissued (less than a year).
    Do I need to complete the two additional pages or parts of as some sections refer to minors?
    If so would it be acceptable to complete the relevant sections by hand as these additional pages did not display during the initial online application process preventing form entering any relevant details?
    I do not wish to have a wasted journey therefore any light you can shine shall be most appreciated.
    Would you recommend using Royal Mail or the VFS courier service DFX?
    Any idea what DFX charge?

    • Hello Mrs Jora,

      First of all, my apologies for the delay in replying to your query…

      I do understand some sections that come out in the print aren’t asked when filling the application online. It was a bit confusing for me as well.

      You need to fill the additional page by hand (fields that apply to your case!)

      I recommend using Royal Mail as it’s cheaper (£7.30) and reliable. Your need 1 envelope per application.

      Update: my apologies, the requirement is for 2 per application (it was a typo here – what it says on the article is correct)

      DFX charge £15 per application.

      • Hi Aman,
        Am about to go through the re-issue process for my wife as well. On the point about Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope, I am slightly confused after reading your above reply. You mentioned in the article, two A4 sized envelopes to be included but replying to Mrs. Jora you said 1 envelope. VFS site also mentions 2 envelope, would you kindly clarify what is the need of 2 because 2 RM Special Delivery cost will be around £14 then, same as DX!? I was only expecting the new passport to be returned, all other documents are photocopies.

        • Hi Ajai,

          My bad there!

          The requirement is for 2 enveloped PER application. I wrote 1 as I confused the comment to be on my “Surrender Indian Passport” application for which the requirement is ONE.

          Two are required as the new passport and the old passport will be returned in one envelope AND the supporting document originals will come separately. If you have only photocopies, please check with the VFS helpline once as to what they suggest. Please also update here if you can. 🙂

          If you use DX as I understand, you will end up paying £30ish while with Royal mail special delivery you will pay £14.60.


          • Hi Aman,

            As we did not have any other original documents other than passport, VFS needed only one Royalmail special delivery return envelope. Also although I had 4 passport photos, VFS returned 2 passport photos back at the time of submission, taking only 2 – one glued to application and one more extra.

            Submitted application on 28th may 2018 at Manchester and got the new passport delivered through Royalmail today – 14/6.

            Thanks for the write up and creating this forum for all like minded people to discuss and interact, a touch which VFS or the High Comission lacks.

  • Hi Aman, your post is very helpful. Thank you for that. However, i have a query that i want to change my indian address on my passport. Also my name on passport is in wrong order. Name has not changed. They got confused between name and surname.
    1. I am on tier 5 visa at the moment. Would that be a problem?
    2. Does the passport number change?
    3. Also the old passport which has a page about visa, what happens to that?
    4. I have a BRP for tier 5 visa. That also have my name in similar wrong order. Do i have to apply again? Would that be a trouble doing so?

    • Hi Chetan,

      Thanks for your comment – I am glad you found this useful 🙂

      1. That shouldn’t be a problem in applying for an address change on Indian passport
      2. Yes, if you get a new passport (in case of re-issue as I mentioned above)
      3. I would guess that the Visa will be transferred to the new passport but I am not really sure about this – please call UKBA to confirm. They have a helpline and can guide you with this – please let me know if you need their number.
      4. The name on your UK BRP will be the same as it is on your UK passport. If you fix it on your Indian passport, I reckon you would have to inform UK Home Office of this change. But again, I suggest you confirm with Home Office once, please.

      If you get to speak to the Home Office, I would really appreciate if you could update your finding here please 🙂

      • @Chetan

        After doing a bit of research on your query about what happens to the existing Visa on the old passport, this is what I found.

        The Visa on your old cancelled passport is still valid as long as you are travelling within the expiry period. Make sure you are carrying both your old and the new passport.


  • Thank you for the info, it is definitely helpful but there is a small suggestion here; you have interlaced ‘renew’ and ‘re-issue’ process at times. Please sort this out to make this info perfect. Just a humble suggestion.

    Thank you

    • Hello Hemanth, thanks for your comment and I appreciate your suggestion.

      On the post, I have already mentioned the difference between re-issue and renewal. But whenever it comes to getting the changes done to a passport, the term commonly used is renewal hence, at some places on this post you do find me mentioning “renewal” 🙂

      Technically, this post is about the re-issue process where you need to extend an expired passport (or make a change to name, add spouse name etc) and get a new passport booklet.

  • Hi Aman,

    That is a very helpful guide
    Just one question that I have is, I am not a permanent resident in the UK yet (no ILR) so in the current address details which address do I enter? Would it be the current address I am living in the UK or my permanent Indian address?
    If I enter my permanent Indian address where would the re issued passport will be delivered?

    The reason for the above question is because you stated in Step #3 to enter
    “the Address Details that you want to be printed on the new re-issued passport.
    Address to be printed on passport has to be your current permanent address where you stay in the UK. This is the one that will be printed on your renewed passport.”

    But you also mentioned the following in the documents required section
    “Utility bill, recent bank statement, or property papers in the UK: if you want your UK address to be added to the new passport. For UK address to be included, your residency status in the UK has to be permanent (ILR). If not, you can only change to a new Indian address or leave it as is.”

    So I am a bit confused now regarding the address details

    • Hello Raghu,

      Thanks for the kind words – glad that you found this helpful!

      If you are not an ILR yet, you can leave the address as it is (Indian address). For my wife, we wanted to change it to the UK address but were advised at the counter that it can only happen after getting ILR.

      Don’t worry – the passport will still be delivered to your address in the UK. It’s just that: because you are not a British Citizen, Indian Passport Office cannot have any address outside India on the passport.

      I will make it more clear on the first point on the article as well 🙂

      Thanks for raising this query…

      • HI Aman,

        Thank you for details, very helpful guide it is.

        Just wanted to clarify one thing that as I am not permanent residence of UK yet, I will mentioned permanent Indian address in the section “Address To Be Printed in Passport “.

        In this case what address I should mentioned in “other Address” section?

        Same Indian address can be mentioned in both sections? Or Do I need to mention UK address as other address?

        I would be great if you help me on this.

        Thank you!!!

        • Hi Digambar,

          I am glad you found this guide helpful.

          “I am not permanent residence of UK yet, I will mention permanent Indian address in the section “Address To Be Printed in Passport “.” – this is correct. If the address you want to keep is the same as the old passport, you don’t need to provide any new documents. If the address is changing, you need to provide supporting documents to prove it (utility bills, bank statements etc.)

          In this case, the other address can be your address in the UK. This I understand is only for the Indian PP office’s record as the address that would be printed on your new passport is the one that you provide in “Address to be printed…”

          I hope this helps.


      • This was my question too.. However when you say “you can leave the address as it is”, does that mean I write my address (indian) in the space you have shown? Or is there an option i have to select which reads like “Retain adress from old passport”?

        Also, If i were to retain Indian Address

        1) Is there a change in documents? i.e. should i be showing things like aadhar and PAN card?
        2) Where do I give the address to which my Passport has to be delivered?

        • Hi Venkatesh,

          That means you can leave it as the one you had on your old passport (add it again in the form). If you want it to be changed to a new address in India, you would need to provide address proofs as I have listed.

          For delivery address, if you are applying for a renewal in the UK, provide a UK address, please.

          Hope this helps.

  • This was really helpful. thanks a lot! My current passport expires in July 2019 but i may need to request for a new one as my current passport is nearly full of immigration stamps. How many months before the date of expiry of my current passport can i apply for a re-issue? Or can i just apply for a re-issue given that my current passport is nearly full?


    • Hi Nandan, sorry for the delay in replying to your query.

      If there are no blank pages in the passport, you don’t have to wait for the one-year period. You can apply it now

      Hope that helps.


        • This guide was written specifically for NRIs applying for reissue of Indian passport in the UK but the requirements are more or less the same. What is your scenario, Gurjit?


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